Solana NFTs arrive at this event to the surprise of investors

Solana has shown a strong growth in the NFT ecosystem in recent days. Don’t forget that the overall demand for NFTs continued to decline in September despite a semblance of recovery.

Meanwhile, Solana NFT mintage hit an all-time high on September 7 after recently touching 300,000. The network recorded only 77.79 thousand minutes at the end of the month and showed a huge growth in that period.

Memorial day

That’s a big change for Solana-based NFT groups over the past few days. The ecosystem remains an attractive place to trade NFTs after its recent acquisition.

Solana News has shared an update of the top NFT groups by sales volume in the last 24 hours. “Yoots: Mint Toobs” tops the list with $426,100 in sales since 9/11. The group was closely monitored by “Solana Name Service” after completing a $425,400 transaction on September 12th.
Another major development in CryptoSlam can be seen with increased activity on the network. Last week, the leading NFT blockchain, Ethereum, saw a 10.7% drop in sales volume totaling $72.6 million.

However, Solana showed a 123.7% increase in sales volume, to $39.36 million. Although Solana is not yet on par with Ethereum, it has begun to gain mass adoption in recent weeks. In this regard, Chase Parker, responsible for the developer ecosystem for the Solana Foundation, said:

“I remember one time (last year), ‘some people’ were laughing at NFTs in Solana,”

Meanwhile, Solana NFT’s market volume reached its highest point since the end of May.

Well, on September 6, Solana’s NFT volume reached $373.76 thousand according to IntoTheBlock data.

However, according to CoinMarketCap, SOL is trading at $35.23 at press time after seeing a late 2% rally on September 12th.

The final push will increase Solna’s prominence in the market as she tries to climb the charts on all fronts.